Nothing you can call it disaster

Just like nothing you can all it new years eve

I spend quite a while to figure out shall I call it

The 2008 new years eve, or

2009 new years ever

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One Xmas, one new years eve

With millions of parties

Look at all the people in the super market

Imaged that night they making a huge dinner

Just for one night


Heard people say the next year gonna be better

I think I wish so


I think so that we decide to stay in the office

Not many people only Ed me and Scooter

David came here later with couple mates


Didn’t get really drunk as I gonna take pictures

But Scooter did

But the fireworks gives me headache

Feel like in the middle of the stage

Just ended up with a fabulous step

Flash are all over the place


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Welcome you



*Honestly the news today are the same as 2008…

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