After couple months hard working, Geohot finally brought a news to those who still have the thought about their iPhones/iPod Touch.

Even though before Grohot says there wont be an update of 3.1.3 jailbreak support but, he still released a iPod Touch 3G ‘untethered jailbreak‘ video from his  blog, also he shows the new jail break software can be jail break now all iPod Touch 2G/3G and another iPhone 3GS prfectlly.

In the video Geohot use a system with new boot rom ( = iPhone 3GS after 41 weeks introductory time) shows to the world the whole prefect jail break process. From restart to into the system, the new jail break is prefect. He said the new process of jail break will be the same, faster as the ‘blackra1n‘, just some extra software require.

Through the video there is mention of the jail break version, but he did mention that it may be also jail break the coming up iPad, and all system include 3.1.3 (now) and 3.2 (future).

About the release date, Geohot did asked people please don’t  ask him, but we think it’s gona be really close to the iPad and the iPhone 3.2 system update.

Here is the video:

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