Life needs imagination

Our bathroom got leaking last night

While I seat on the stool

I can heard things like time dropping

Ticktack Ticktack

It can be the old man who passes by years ago

Who’s bloody still keep running


It’s the bunny with the clock

Silent the world then the music starts

But it’s not

I lift up my head

A big yellow gap looking at me

And it dribbles

It makes funny sounds

Ticktack Ticktack

Life needs imagination

The building manager told me she going to send a plumber today

To fix the leaking

The one makes funny sounds last night

The whole night

Then I wish it should be a hot plumber

Make a picture like all other porno

Ticktack Ticktack

Time up for me to make a choice

The door is getting exciting

Who gona be the one open it?

Ticktack Ticktack

Science when the gap is gone

Science when there is no more dribbling

Science when

No more ticktack ticktack

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