There is no magic in the world

Same as once in your life time

Expecting someone gets better

Who the hell wants to get better for someone else?

They only want to get better or much bigger in other people’s mind

To make themselves feel better

Like live in the magic land

Even you see the true

Day by day

That’s okay isn’t it?

As they said one day someone will leave for some reason

(Which mean nobody will stay around forever)

After all who really care?

People love to get drunk and do crazy things

Some tell the truth

Some fall asleep (together?)

Some get angry and don’t like to do the two things above.

Do we really care?

We said yes we do yes we can

Like a little kid live in the magic kingdom

Or let’s said the naked empire under his new clothes (I don’t think empire should used the capital ‘e’ because he is stupid.)

All we want see is how he gonna take the jokes by the end of the day

Ya, and this is the reality

And deal with it.

Deal with it not means trying to run away

Magic people still have their own attraction

I know you know everyone knows anyway

Not mumble much as I’m getting like an old man (already?)

Another thing

I believe every young dude like me (I’m trying to ignore the girls)

Will die if I get over behaved (yes I mean no-sex)

Think about the pass, the future, who else wants to be the one who do nothing just stay at home the whole month?

Think fairly

Don’t believe magic

Believe money, time, going out, activities, growing old(together?), sex and no bullshits (love is bullshit but it doesn’t count.)



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