Happy long weekend

Happy Australia Day

Happy Chinese New Year


And yeah you will see me all over these three parties above.


This can be a late news

Only because people are lazy

And I’m people


What movies one by another

Like join the parties

Talked about a party

Here is some photos from yesterday


Cathy’s Daniel’s B’D

45°C in East Sydney

5 steps walks will make your shirts sweaty

Good on me

[nggallery id=22]

Nice view down just the side of Bondi

So photos are fabulous


The birthday boy is not in any of them :<

But anyway

It was fun too.


Said about the temperature, 45°C

I kind of missed the heat

You know what I mean

Well but won’t choose to live there tho

The wind will blow me away


And, thank god I finally made the

Adobe master CS4 collection work!

Look at this, hmmmm



SimDownLoad‘ is out

check out more by clicking here

I will put the shit lot out soon


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