First time I heard about this orally and rude abuse

Is from someone who in the other side cover by red

I remember at that moment I have the kind of thing

The thing I think people called it hate

It was wet and lots people around

That makes me feel lonely

Never being that lonely like that moment

But lucky I forget that already

Just like others forget somebody’s birthday

Or someone’s death.

Then more years later

I heard that again

And learn to use it

Using it in the certain place

Then I felt it’s okay

It okay to do something you didn’t like


Excuse you

To get so angrily

In one point even things get worse to crashed the mind

Crash the mind

What a peaceful line

Anyway it’s okay to let the emotion get crazy sometime

Particularly the big ones



Everyone should go to see <Twilight>

Even tho it’s just a stupid vampire story

But there are three things why you gotta to see

-1- The actors are hot!

-2- A creep and weirdo love between a wolf and a lamb

-3- The actors are hot!

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