Every story has a character

Every trip has a story

Every stroy has photos


<Le Bureau>

Here is the begining of the office

In the new year of 2009

Only me and couple people

Me being bored

So I strat taking photos of everyone’s desk

Then here comes the photos

[nggallery id=17]


<Everything bites zoo>

Every child been told from the parents

If he being naughty

Then he will going to the “everything bites zoo”

Alos there is another name called The Australian Repitle Park

All the creatures bite

Then here comes the photos for the naugthy parents

 [nggallery id=18]


<Nudy man with his binoculars>

There is a wonderland (Okay it’s called Obelisk Beach) [map]

Not only the imagetion

But only for men

Here is come one day

We all get nude and play like a child

Or some like hairy monkey…

Oneday there is a man comes with his binoculars

It shocks other nudy men

So they use the power of the sun, the water and the smoothy super hot bodies

To piss the binoculars man off

And other nudy women

Then here comes the photos (Not from camera but hidden camera like iphone…)

[nggallery id=16]


<A place good to do suicide>

Long stroy short talk

Once upon a time

They found the ocuean

And they need to protect their land

So they have the gay

Oh I mean gap

A place later on people can kill themsleves

And interest its real name is call The Gap

Then it comes the photo again

[nggallery id=19]

Every stroy has a end

Now it end.

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