uOkay, make it short this time


– Anniversary

3 year ago, maybe

I will have a different life

Than today

And so dose Scoot

We are just crazy people

So we are normal

Like all of others

So I’m happy

Really Happy.


– New Funky apartment

I treat this new apartment we moving in the coming Friday

As a big gift for our anniversary

So dose the furniture

They are funky too

I will upload some pictures on the weekend

And the party is coming on its way



– Butterfly Ball

This Saturday in Darling Harbour

We will be the people in blue and pink

Yeah bunch of the volunteers

I will make the camera busy as hell

See you strangers there


– New Season

Autumn again

Last year this time we were working on the paper, the plan, the party’s (hell again!)

One year seems so long and a life is actually bloody short

We fuck it hard.


– last wishes

I need funky furniture badly.

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