It’s good for have a bit memory for the begining of a stroy

So here is a little memory: 12218066460

For those ones spend days and nites with a piece of magic red & white box 🙂

Now let me star the story

Yeah It’s Australia Day!

And Chinese New Year!!

And It’s raining!!!

And still raining now!!!!

But even when it’s rian

We still gona having the party

A big party like this

Because we are party people

So We went straight to see the car show and the tall ship racing


[nggallery id=23]

I even had an ice cream call Golden Gaytime (-_-|||)

Then there was fireworks, jazz, live bands and drinks

I’m too wet to do those tho…

So I’m thinking

I should come out some idear while I at home

Then there are two come out from my head

– 1 -. I need to do exercise (not for the Mardi Gas in March), this includ cut off the sleep time, more exercise, more time management…

– 2 -. I need an icon, it can be an animal, a thing, a stuff… 

Apart of these

There are lots movies waitting

So here is the end

Heaven and Hell


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