– 1 –

Finally got C&C runing

Got those memory back in 1998

And the first year I have a pc

Things changed lots

And gets better

Why should I complain about?


– 2 –

9 is changed, as well

Back in those old school time in

Like no limits bbs and rss

Things changed to better

I can not even got time to complain about it


– 3 –

I’m being a bit late to get to know this thing, Twitter

And all the tools for it

Like this one call peoplebrowsr

Or the one I’m using call TweetDeck

It’s all about social networking

Things changed better

I don’t even know there is something better

Did I?


Twitter, the micro blogging service which allows you to submit messages that are 140 characters or less has become an excellent communications tool. A large number of people are using Twitter on a daily basis to keep up with the world as well as communicating with their friends and family members from almost any location. As luck would have it, a large number of WordPress faithful are also using Twitter. I have at times, indulged in a conversation or two with those who are making a name for themselves within the WordPress community. I use my Twitter account to pass on links to cool themes, news stories and plugins I come across via my FeedReader.

With that being said, I’d like to present you with at least 30 people to follow on Twitter. Each one of these people are doing something significant within the WordPress community and some of them are core developers such as Matt Mullenweg.

The names on the left are the user’s real name while the name on the right is their Twitter username which has been linked to their Twitter account page. This makes it easier for you to follow them.

Name Twitter Username

  1. Matt Mullenweg – photomatt
  2. WordPress – WordPress This is the user account tied into the RSS Feed
  3. Lloyd Budd – lloydbudd
  4. Donncha O Caoimh – donncha
  5. Mark Jaquith – markjaquith
  6. Lisa Sabin Wilson – LisaSabin
  7. Brian Gardner – bgardner
  8. David Peralty – davidcubed
  9. Cory Miller – corymiller303
  10. Steven Milne – wordpressguy
  11. Ozh – ozh
  12. Andrew Rickmann – arickmann
  13. Ryan McCue – rmccue
  14. Joost de Valk – jdevalk
  15. Warwick Poole – warwickp
  16. Ptah Dunbar – ptahdunbar
  17. Charles Stricklin – cstricklin
  18. Nathan Rice – nathanrice
  19. John Kolbert – johnkolbert
  20. 1catbiz – onecatbiz
  21. Hans Engel – hans_engel
  22. Leland – themelab
  23. Ronald Huereca – ronalfy
  24. Ryan – ryanhellyer
  25. Ian Stewart – iandstewart
  26. BuddyPress – buddypressdev
  27. Mark Ghosh – laughinglizard
  28. Jeff Chandler – jeffr0
  29. Andy Peatling – apeatling
  30. Andy Skelton – skeltoac
  31. Michael Castilla – wpcandy

Some of these folks are theme developers, some of them are plugin developers, others have great WordPress communities that they manage through their blog. Some even do WordPress related podcasts. If you use Twitter, now would be the time to highlight your user account in the comments so we can follow you!


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